Meet the Team 

  • Susie Nguyen, Co-Founder
  • Taylor Haley, Co-Founder
  • Willie, Chief Bark Officer
  • Kirk, Chief Floof Officer

Our Story 

So how exactly did two dog moms come together to make dog bandanas?

It all started with Instagram and a small townhome community in Dallas, Texas. After connecting on Instagram and by fate discovering we were neighbors, our Goldendoodles Kirk & Willie became fast friends. Over patio brunches and play dates at the dog park, we bonded over the lack of cute dog bandanas for boys pups and decided that we would make our own. The rest is history, we created Kirk & Willie (named after our pups) and have made it our mission to make cute dog bandanas and accessories for pups of all shapes and sizes.  

Doodle Edition  a.k.a According to Kirk & Willie

We were just two doodles who didn’t know each other but happened to live on the same block.  Both our moms were constantly looking for other Dallas doodles on this thing called Instagram. Our supersniffers told us there was another doodle in our neighborhood, but our mom's just didn't believe us. 

Willie here, so one day mom was upstairs getting ready and out the window saw a doodle that looked very familiar to one of the ones she always likes on Instagram.  Believe me this doodle is hard to confuse with any other doodle because well he’s got very distinct hair.  Mom was pretty sure it was Kirk…I mean come on…have you seen the floof?  So she woke me up from a pawesome nap and made us pretend to hang out in the front lawn.

Kirk here, so my mom and I were walking past this doodle with killer legs and a great yard and I just had to meet him. Ever since we've been BDF4L (Best Doodle Friends For Life). Since then we've taken our moms to dog parks where we love getting into trouble and trying to pick up the ladies! So naturally, as our moms accompanied us to brunch they came up with this whole bandana idea.